About the MVSO

     The Merrimack Valley String Orchestra is a community orchestra for string players of all ages who enjoy making music together. There are three levels of advancement: Junior Orchestra, Senior Orchestra and Chamber Orchestra, plus the Cello Choir and the Advanced Cello Ensemble. Our members come from towns throughout the Merrimack Valley and southern New Hampshire. Weekly rehearsals include a wide variety of repertoire, as well as technique, theory and history.

     Our orchestra tries to provide a quality musical experience in a multi-generational, non-competitive atmosphere utilizing rotating seating, both for a varied musical experience and to help each other learn; and the frequent involvement of musical family members as mentors and performers. We also have a tradition of featuring members of the MVSO as soloists, which provides valuable experience in a supportive atmosphere, as well as giving the orchestra the opportunity to learn the art of accompaniment.

     We perform two full-length concerts each year, in December and in June. Our concerts provide a chance for us to share our music with the community, as well as develop performance skills.